MPI Online In-Service Subscription Request

Police In-Service Training – $60.00 per year, per officer. Training is provided during fiscal year July 1 through June 30. Payment for enrollment is expected on or before July 31st of each fiscal year. Standard In-Service will include First Responder / Legal Updates / Defensive Tactics / Suicide Prevention and two optional additional trainings. MPI subscribers are entitled to all other trainings and presentations offered on the website at no additional cost. These trainings are designed around the standards set by the MPTC for municipal police in-service training.

Individual Subscriptions - $99.00 per year, per individual. Available to approved law enforcement personnel and applicants in related fields. Same fiscal requirement as above.

E911 Dispatchers and Call Takers - 16 hour in-service training program is offered by MPI at $149.00 per subscriber per year. This is a separate and distinct training program developed by MPI in accordance with State E911 training approval. Course agenda is Testifying in Court (4hrs) / Excited Delirium (4hrs) / First Responder (4hrs) / and Dispatchers, Dealing in Disaster(4hrs). Successful completion of each course will result in a certificate of completion to be presented to State E911 in your reimbursement request package. Note: Successful completion of all 16 hours of this training is required for State E911 reimbursement.

All Police Agencies who are MPI subscribers are eligible for this E911 training at a reduced rate of $100.00 per subscriber per year.

Post Promotional Suicide Prevention Training Certification - For newly promoted supervisors in accordance with MGL c. 140 §36 A, B and C (required for newly appointed supervisors and for accreditation purposes) As an MPI subscriber, this is included in your subscription.

MIIA - Our partnership with the Massachusetts Inter-Local Insurance Association or MIIA has provided a 2% reduction in insurance costs to municipalities whose police departments have successfully completed our courses on “Reducing Officer Involved Motor Vehicle Accidents” and “Reducing Excessive Force Complaints.”