Duty Trumps Doubt - Insight About Sexual Assault

Duty Trumps Doubt

Jane Doe No More, Inc. teamed up with Mom & Pop Films of Easton, CT and Quinnipiac University to develop ‘Duty Trumps Doubt’, a roll call video for law enforcement responding to a sexual assault crime.

“Duty Trumps Doubt” will serve as a reminder that every case and every victim is unique and things may not always be as they seem.

“This video is intended to build upon the police training that already takes place. We hope it will serve as a powerful reminder to treat each victim with dignity and respect and to always keep an open mind.” remarked Chief Neil O’Leary, Wolcott, CT PD, former chief of Waterbury, CT PD and Jane Doe No More board member. “A variety of survivors and law enforcement are featured along with compelling scenes that underscore that each victim and scenario is different and that you only have one chance to get it right.”