Electronic Crime Prevention

Electronic Crime Prevention - Forward Edge

The Internet is the wild west of the 21st century. Desperado's, thieves, cheats, and liars are often more experienced than the average user, and can hide behind the anonymity of your computer screen. Today we conduct many transactions across the internet, facing only a computer screen, instead of the face of a local retailer, banker, librarian or town official. The facelessness of the Internet allows the criminal elements of cyberspace to more easily prey upon the unsuspecting.

Technology is changing so quickly that it’s somewhere between amazing and frightening. However, it’s important to keep up with the newest developments that can affect you. For instance, the computer crimes listed here have been around for years, but unless you’re involved in computers you probably hadn’t heard of them until the last year or so, when they began making daily headlines.

Compare computer crime to drugs. The potential for committing an electronic crime exists for everyone with access to a computer, whereas the potential for using or abusing drugs is limited to those with the propensity, the where-with-all, and the source or opportunity to do that. A drug trafficker may affect the lives of his customers, the customers’ families and those the customers may victimize for money, but a single computer criminal has the potential to bring you, a corporation, or even a country to its knees.

As you know, the importance of prevention through information-sharing and rapid response cannot be underestimated in law enforcement. Think about all the computer-related crimes you’ve heard about and read about. Then think about the fact that the information revolution is still in its infancy. Many of the world’s social, economic, and educational infrastructures are now based upon computing technologies and those areas that are not, soon will be. Computer-based crime is being widely viewed as a threat to the security of families and communities.
He impact of computer-enhanced crime is already alarming. Law enforcement recognizes that the computers can play a role in every type of criminal act. We must take a stand now to protect ourselves against criminals who misuse the new technologies to harm others.

Try to remember, the Internet eliminates the distances that exist between all users, and you are now within reach of every criminal with a computer.

The following Forward Edge video scenarios depict very real electronic threats in the areas of identity theft, solicitation of a minor, and fraudulent internet practices such as phishing. There is also a discussion about what future technology holds, crime trends and the developing law enforcement response. MPI would like to thank and acknowledge Forward Edge for the use of these video scenarios.