In-Service eLearning Training - 2011 / 2012

Officer Safety

MIIA - Safe Vehicle Operations in Inclement Weather

This program is presented by MIIA and MPI. The primary goal of this training is to help prevent accidents and minimize the risk of personal injury associated with those accidents in inclement weather!
Officer Safety

MIIA Officer Safety -Traffic Stops & Road Details

This program is presented by MIIA and MPI. Traffic is the most dangerous thing about police work simply because most people spend a lot of time driving. But working outside the car has its risks too.Officers on detail are also at high risk for injury merely for being present in the roadway.

These trainings below are now archived and will not be available. If you already completed them you may download and print your certificates. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Defensive Tactics

Defensive Tactics 2011 - 2012

This course is designed to address Defensive Tactics techniques that are important to the safe and effective operation of today's law enforcement agents. This course is certified and is part of In-Service training 2011/2012.
Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking - A Basic Understanding

Update: "GOVERNOR PATRICK SIGNS ANTI-HUMAN TRAFFICKING LEGISLATION, Drastically increases punishment for offenders, protection for victims."

First Responder

First Responder

MPI’s “First Responder Training for Municipal Police Officers.” In this training, we will address four vitally important categories of emergency care.
Legal Updates

Legal Updates

This years Legal Updates covers, The First Complaint Doctrine / The Cruz Case Review / Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act / New Law - House Bill H 3810.

CIRT - Critical Incident Resilience Training

Dr. Leo Politzoti presents Critical Incident Resilience Training. Introduction by Chief Mark Leahy, President of MCOPA. Developed by MPI in concert with Dr. Leo Politzoti of the Direct Decision Institute in Worcester. This training is not a treatment program for cops, but rather a “Positive Psychology” initiative.