In-Service eLearning Training - 2012 / 2013


LGBT & The Police - "Relationship Building & Suicide Prevention"

This course is designed to address Police Officers' relationship and communication skills when encountering a member of the LGBT community. We will also address the new law that is in effect as of July 1st, 2012.
Black Sheep

The Black Sheep in the Blue Family

This course is designed to address Officer Involved Suicide - "The Black Sheep in the Blue Family". In the past 3 years there was an average of 450 officer involved suicides per year compared to the 150 Line of Duty deaths. Its been about 300 per year for the last ten years that officers have taken their own life. This is a staggering statistic that needs to be changes. More officers die by their own hand then in the Line of Duty.

These trainings below are now archived and will not be available. If you already completed them you may download and print your certificates. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Defensive Tactics

Defensive Tactics 2012 / 2013

This course is the conclusion of the 3 part defensive tactics trilogy. It is the culmination of the US Department of Justice Defensive Tactics / Officer safety 20 year study leading to best practices for officer survival. This course will connect office training with incident outcome. It illustrates both the positive influences of training and the negative effects of lack of training, while taking a close look at the meaning of officer awareness.
First Responder

First Responder 2012 / 2013

MPI’s “First Responder Training for Municipal Police Officers.” In this training, we will address four vitally important categories of emergency care.
Legal Updates

Legal Updates 2012 / 2013

This year's Legal Updates will compare and contrast the most important cases in recent Massachusetts case law. Revisit Threshold Inquiry, Stop and Frisk, Search and Seizure and much more.
Legal Updates

Excited Delirium Syndrome 2012 / 2013

Excited Delirium Syndrome : One of the most important trainings in law enforcement today. With the symptoms and dangers of excited delirium now well publicized and solidly confirmed by numerous research studies, agencies that fail to have a response protocol in place are inviting needless liability problems. This contemporary training does not require new equipment to be put into practice immediately.