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In-Service eLearning Training - 2017 / 2018

Stress Stigma and Survival in Policing

Stress (Stigma & Survival) in Policing

This training program is about recognizing the stress that often accompanies the critical incidents that officers respond to and then dealing with it. At MPI, we believe that by collectively, working together, we can come to the aid of those officers who need help dealing with stress. Having a greater awareness of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress is a great place to start. Having a plan in place to confront it at department levels, or access to professional counseling is a must.
Procedural Justice

Procedural Justice and Legitimacy - Part II

The primary goal of this program is to share the latest research and best practices in order to achieve greater non-violent compliance and to increase community support for law enforcement. We will address such topics as Training and Education, Community Policing and Crime Reduction, Policy and Oversight, and Technology and Social Media. We'll talk about "Hot Spot Policing" and the constitutional issues of "stop and frisk"
Violent Extremism Awareness

Violent Extremism Awareness

In this training, we will look at both International and Domestic Terrorism…get a better sense of what radicalization to violence looks like… and, what officers can do to make our communities safer. As part of this training, we will identify some of the more common factors and drivers, that lead some people to join extremist groups and eventually become a violent extremist.
Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

The Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

This training will provide you with recognized “best practices” when uncovering domestic violence, arresting the offender and helping victims and their families. we will examine the law surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault and protective orders. We’ll examine what it means to be an “intimate partner”, “family or household member”, and how the law is affected by those terms.
Legal Updates 2017-2018

Legal Updates - 2017/2018

We cover the law surrounding motor vehicle stops and the 4th amendment concerns. We’ll look at criminal procedure and case law involving search and seizure, field encounters and detention. We’ll examine recent drug cases, exigent circumstances and Protective sweeps as well and recent criminal law developments, domestic violence issues and changes in juvenile law. We’ll examine hate crimes and LGBTQ issues.

In-Service eLearning Training - 2017 / 2018 - EXTRAS

Suicide Emergency Providers

Suicide Prevention and Emergency Service Providers

The primary focus of this training is the prevention of suicide among first responders. This training will address cultural and environmental barriers to prevention at all levels, including the still-pervasive stigma that discourages at-risk officers from seeking help for fear of negative peer reactions or career ramifications.
Bullying and Social Media

Bullying & Social Media - A Pathway to Suicide

We’ll look at the rising epidemic of bullying via social media and provide you with recent case examples and the consequences. We’ll look at the important role of the School Resource Officer, and learn how he or she can influence school policies and procedures both on and off of school property. We will discuss the role of the SRO in bullying prevention and examine the laws related to bullying behaviors.