In-Service eLearning Training - 2019 / 2020

The mandatory In-Service programs are in development.

  • Police Survival (3 hours)
  • Procedures, Protocols and Considerations for Investigations involving Animals (3 hours)
  • Legal Updates (6 hours)
  • Defensive Tactics (3 hours)

In-Service "Local Option" Training - 2019 / 2020

The following programs are available now and meet the requirements for MPTC "Local Option" / Additional Training.

Suicide by Cop title image

Suicide by Cop: A Dangerous Reality (3 hours)

In this training program surrounding the practice of suicide by cop, we will review some facts regarding suicide in general. This may give you a better understanding of the underlying motivation and planning involved in such a critical incident. One thing that all suicide-by-cop individuals have in common is that the person who commits suicide-by-cop has, by definition, gone from being a victim to being a perpetrator.
  • Police Pursuit (3 hours) - Available Soon