Welcome to MPI’s Suicide Prevention Series. These programs have been developed in concert with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and does not require a subscription for viewing. For subscribers this program will be available as an in service credited program complete with tracking and testing for fiscal 2013 and will be contained in the subscribers data base. For any questions contact or



Module 1 - LGBT & THE POLICE

Module 1 - MPI’s newest suicide prevention training program entitled “LGBT and the Police, Relationship Building and Suicide Prevention.” This program was developed in concert with the Department of Public Health with a focus on reducing the suicide rate in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Communities.

Module 2 - LGBT & THE POLICE

Module 2 - In this training, MPI will provide you with methodology used by police departments across the country in their efforts towards suicide prevention and reducing tension through mutual respect. We also expect to further develop officers who are uniquely qualified to assist our diverse population and provide a safe environment for everyone.

Module 3 - LGBT & THE POLICE

Module 3 - In addition to suicide prevention, one of the goals of this training is to promote equality and recognize diversity. We believe that today’s police officer is more aware of the multi cultural and diverse society we live in because of our involvement in social media. By using this media, particularly “You Tube“ and the “World Wide Web”, we will include video and audio presentations of police officers who are members of the LGBT community as well as officers who have undergone a complete gender identity change and are working as police officers in their respective departments.

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