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Suicide by Cop title image

Suicide by Cop: A Dangerous Reality

In this training program surrounding the practice of suicide by cop, we will review some facts regarding suicide in general. This may give you a better understanding of the underlying motivation and planning involved in such a critical incident. One thing that all suicide-by-cop individuals have in common is that the person who commits suicide-by-cop has, by definition, gone from being a victim to being a perpetrator. Lastly, we’ll address the officers involved and what we can do to support them post incident.
Bullying and Social Media

Bullying & Social Media - A Pathway to Suicide

We’ll look at the rising epidemic of bullying via social media and provide you with recent case examples and the consequences. We’ll look at the important role of the School Resource Officer, and learn how he or she can influence school policies and procedures both on and off of school property. MPI will discuss specific issues faced by students with physical and mental disabilities and difficulties faced by LGBT students. We will discuss the role of the SRO in bullying prevention and examine the laws related to bullying behaviors.
Suicide Investigation

Suicide Prevention and Emergency Service Providers

The primary focus of this training is the prevention of suicide among first responders. This training will address cultural and environmental barriers to prevention at all levels, including the still-pervasive stigma that discourages at-risk officers from seeking help for fear of negative peer reactions or career ramifications.
Suicide Investigation

Law Enforcement & Suicide Investigation

This training program will provide the responding officer with the initial protocols for responding to a reported suicide or sudden death. It is a guide to suicide investigation, incident scene analysis, evidence collection and report writing. “Suicide or Homicide”, you can’t afford to be wrong. When responding to a call of suicide or sudden death, let this MPI basic suicide investigation training program, entitled “Law Enforcement and Suicide Investigation” be your guide for coming to the right conclusion.
Understanding Suicide

Understanding Suicide

In this training we will focus on understanding suicide and look into the risk factors and warning signs often present in persons with suicidal ideation. We will define the psychological autopsy and look at the connections between mental illness and suicide. We will look at PTSD and suicidal ideation and what police interactions and considerations are available to those of us in law enforcement. We will discuss and examine how suicide affects many people in different categories including the LGBT community, persons with mental illness, the elderly and law enforcement professionals. We will also look into Postvention Practices for law enforcement.

LGBT & The Police - "Relationship Building & Suicide Prevention"

This course is designed to address Police Officer's relationship and communication skills when incountering with a member of the LGBT community. We will also address the new law that is in affect as of July 1st, 2012. This course will be posted soon.
Bullying Suicide and The Police

Bullying, Suicide and The Police

In this training on Bullying, Suicide Prevention and the roll of Law Enforcement Officers in Massachusetts, I want to address you as parents, aunts and uncles, big brothers and sisters and just plain concerned citizens who don’t want to see anyone bullied. This MPI training is mainly focused on young people and defines bullying as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Whether looking at this training from a law enforcement perspective or otherwise, we encourage you to take appropriate action whenever or wherever bullying presents itself.
Combat to community

From Combat to Community

There is much to learn about the effects of combat zone deployment on police officers and we realize that some officers and their families will need resources to help deal with the changes in their lives. Included in this training is a series of helpful guidelines and suggested protocols for administrators to assist in the development of a successful returning officer transition program.
Black Sheep

Officer Involved Suicide - "The Black Sheep in the Blue Family

This training program has been designed to specifically address officer involved suicide. Each year in the United States, more law enforcement officers die by their own hand than by any other line of duty death. This is a tragic statistic that must be addressed by all of us! The Black Sheep in the Blue Family, will look at causes and what we can do to effect change.
Inside the Walls

Inside the Walls of Police Culture

In this training program, we will examine our police culture and how that culture can sometimes work in direct opposition to suicide prevention. Educating officers on the subject of suicide among law enforcement professionals is essential to any prevention program. Officers must be taught to recognize suicidal signs in themselves, their co-workers and in those they supervise.