The Victim's Voice BARCC

Law enforcement officers play an essential role in protecting their communities from sexual perpetrators and positively impacting a victim's healing after an assault. How a victim copes after a sexual assault is influenced by their experiences and treatment by others after the crime. In addition, the victim's experience with law enforcement can greatly influence the course of the investigation.

This educational video, narrated by Chief Paul Porter of Randolph Police Department, features the stories of three victims of sexual assault (one of whom is a police officer) and a brother of a victim, Lieutenant Frederick M. Winslow, Commander of the Boston College Police Sexual Assault Unit. All three victims were sexually assaulted in Massachusetts. This video will offer insight into the experience of victims after an assault and the experience of victims through the criminal justice system.

This video was produced by MPI in close coordination with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center through Grant #2007 WE AX 0006, awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice, through The Executive Office of Public Safety & Security Office of Grants and Research.

The Victim's Voice - Running Time: 21:00