Victims With Disabilities

Meet Us Where We Are - Running time: 14:00

Crime and violence are sometimes difficult topics to talk about, but it is critical to understand that child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, financial fraud, homicide, drunk driving, and many other crimes affect the lives of individuals with disabilities. As a person with a disability, or a service provider who works with individuals with disabilities, it is important to know that crime victims have rights and that help is available.

Speaking from their own experience, the people in this video talk about being victimized, the kind of services and support that they did or did not receive, and how their victimization motivated them to create or demand programs and services to help other crime victims with disabilities.

The Time Is Now - Running time: 17:30

Every year, thousands of individuals who are victimized by crime never receive the services and support that can assist their participation in the criminal justice system and help them begin the process of physical and/or psychological healing. There are particular challenges for many victims with disabilities. While physical accessibility is a problem that must be addressed, many disability advocates believe that attitudinal barriers are a larger issue. And in situations where victims are isolated or live with an abusive caregiver, victims may not know about their rights and that help is available.

This video is designed to encourage and assist the efforts of victim advocates in actively reaching out to and serving crime victims with a wide range of disabilities. In the words of victim advocates in the video, this is not an overwhelming task, it should be done in partnership with disability advocates and, the time is now!